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Legal Terms

General legal terms

Access to the website and view its contents you agree with these terms. If you disagree with these terms, do not open our web site!

General information

Ministry of Finance (the "Ministry") has developed an effort to ensure that all of the information published on the website or sub sites of website were correct and valid at the time of the entry to these pages.

Nevertheless, the Ministry explicitly or implicitly assumes no responsibility for the information provided via this website and the Ministry reserves the right at any time without prior notice to make adjustments and corrections. The Ministry also reserves the right  wholly or in part to dissolve the website, or public information on the website.

Ministry is not responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions on this website. Any decision based on the information provided on the website falls under the exclusive responsibility of the user. The Ministry is not responsibile for any loss or damage resulting from access to the website. The Ministry is also not responsibile for the content of the web servers of third parties, for which there are links from this web server.

Ministry is not responsible for the damage, losses and expenses that results from the use of the web sites, or its malfunctioning, improper operation, operational failures, unauthorized changes to the data by anybody, or for damages resulting from delays in the transfer of information, the operation of a computer virus, line or system failure , or other similar causes.


Website of the Ministry, or any image, audio or text content on the website, their location are protected under copyright law No. 618/2003 Z.z. as amended. Any use is possible only with the prior express written consent of the Ministry.

When data are taking and disseminating from the website and its sub sites the Ministry must be given as a source of the information. The electronic file may not be alterning.
Please note that unrespect of these terms it may results civil, and criminal penalties for copyright. The Ministry will act against to all infringement of rights.

Privacy Policy

In completing the forms may be requested some information necessary for the execution of user of the website. Some of the data provided through the website may have the nature of personal data pursuant to Law No. 428/2000 Z.z. for the Protection of Personal Data as amended, and the treatment of them and their protection is governed by the law.

Publikované: 02.04.2009 / Lucia Fábryová
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