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Information society in EU

In recent years, we are surrounded by information and communication technologies. IT industry and telecommunications sector recorded continuously growing expansion, which brings major changes in our lives and look at the surrounding world. New technologies and digital technologies allows for the emergence of new multimedia services and applications that are accessible through telecommunications anywhere in the world. Of course, there are more credit cards, telephones, television, computers and many other achievements of modern world. Penetration of these new information and communication technologies (ICT) into all levels of economy and social life is what our company substantially amended.
This phenomenon, which we witnessed at the beginning of the 21st century, can be characterized as a transition from industrial society to information society.

The nature of society is changing, raising new possibilities for applications in new sectors of the economy. Development of the Information Society creates new jobs, eliminating less-skilled jobs and create more jobs are dependent on information processing. New technologies are attracted for new investments.


Publikované: 11.08.2008 / Aktualizované : 02.04.2009 / Lucia Fábryová
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