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Information society

The Information Society is now a frequently occurring term which includes many categories. Mainly for this reason, in December 2007 the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, as the central government body responsible for the information society created a web portal

This portal is covering the whole communications and information area of information society. Portal primarily provides updated information about the activities of the Information Society Section, also the activities of the European Union in the field of information, information about the benefits for citizens, introducing electronic public administration services, promoting the availability of broadband Internet, also provides texts, reports and characteristics of the area of information society, government documents and materials by non-governmental organizations, statistics and information about events related to information society.

The portal also perform an important function in the publicity for the Operational programme Information Society - OPIS.



Publikované: 11.08.2008 / Aktualizované : 07.04.2009 / Laco Nemeth
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