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eGovernment means delivering public administration services by means of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

In line with the vision presented in its Manifesto, the Government has undertaken to modernise public administration through economisation and the use of ICTs in order to make life easier for the citizens, as well as for legal persons. In these proceses there is on-line comunication:

  • G2E – Government to Employee
  • G2G – Government to Government
  • G2C - Government to Citizen
  • G2B - Government to Business
  • G2A - Government to Administration

eGovernment will bring manifold benefits to citizens, businesses, the state administration and local authorities, as it helps to reduce time wasted on administrative formalities, minimises error rate and eliminates the multiple performances of identical actions. Individuals as well as businesses will be able to complete administrative formalities in a “one-stop shop”, or directly from their home or office via computer. Input data will be required only once. Individuals and/or businesses with a valid electronic signature will perform all necessary operations through a central public administration portal – a single access point to the system. Public administration will become more efficient, transparent and free of redundant paperwork, as it will gradually shift to fully electronic document processing and communication. This, of course, cuts costs, as well as opportunities for corrupt practices.

Publikované: 11.08.2008 / Aktualizované : 25.03.2009 / Lucia Fábryová
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